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Stan and Heff

This is the place for the two characters I am working with right now.
They are a lot of fun, just watch yourself :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Stan Woozle Plushy concept by Sal-Ria
My latest project

Stan concept sheet by Sal-Ria
Wish I could fly by Sal-Ria
Woozle-Nightmares by Sal-Ria
The honey pot complot by Sal-Ria

"Mice? Save me Stan, save me!"
~Heff Heffalump
"Why me..."
~Stan Woozle


Probably my oldest character.
Wiesli - reference sheet by Sal-Ria

You can see he is a wolfish character, but actually not a real wolf.
For that he went through too many things during my life and he developed from a weasel to a dog-wolf-marten whatsoever mix LOL
His markings are rather simple and not that unique, either are is colors. The only thing which makes him rather unique is the marking he has on his upper lips only.
He is a tough guy and always represented my rebellious and fighting nature against dishonesty and unfair acting. Wiesli was developed when I was 10 years old. That was in the year 1996. He also got a brother named Wusli so he is not alone at all. After him I created a lot more characters who are based on his design and look. As you may recognize, most of my characters have a similar marking style but different features such as wings like the American glider wiesli or flames like Lightning Amadeus and some have grey fur with the same markings. The Wiesli Universe is huge...
"When ever you see a human, be aware that it could be the last thing you ever see"


Custom charsheets

Yes I actually offer customized art. Not just charsheets, but I am quite good at it. Below you can see some examples I did lately.

Tiger-Wiesli - character concept sheet by Sal-Ria
Lightning Amadeus - reference sheet by Sal-Ria

For more information and prices, please have a look at the right side.
There you can see more example of commissions I offer and how much they cost.

Sal Ria

Yes I am also into Antho-characters.
Not the cute fluffy ones, no, more into Akrennians, an alien species from the movie Titan AE.

This is Sal Ria

Character sheet - Sal by Sal-Ria
Because I really love Preed (no I am NOT a fan girl LOL ) I created a character representing me as an Akrennian. If I would ever be one, then I would be like that LOL

"If you have money, you have everything.
Girls, food, fans and success"

~Sal Ria


I really adore it when people do fanart of my characters, really.
It shows how they show affection and appreciate my art and maybe inspires them to even make art like I do when I read fanfictions and have to draw the characters used in them.

So, if you ever have the wish to draw one of my characters,
I donīt mind when you do so.
You donīt even have to ask, but I really recommend when you credit me.
Some really great fanart I want to show:
I Sit and Wait - Gift by PoonieFox
[PCM] Alina by ZuLei1010
Blazin' Blitz by Phoenix-Kat
Wusli by JB-Pawstep
Some of these characters once were adoptables I sold, but eitherway it is awesome how they were used and became some great pieces of art.
Thank you everyone who did a fanart of my characters! :hug:

"When ever you get the chance to do something great or even something which benefits yourself.....-DO IT!"

~Speedster Weasel




Apr 24, 2014
8:45 am
Apr 24, 2014
5:04 am
Apr 24, 2014
4:51 am
Apr 24, 2014
4:46 am
Apr 24, 2014
4:04 am


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Please join my groups!
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Commissions I offer:
:bulletgreen:Icon commission (not animated) 1US$
Example: sun glow fox - free icon by Sal-Ria
FREE Classy Status button: Commissions are open by koffeelam

:bulletgreen:Icon commission (animated) 5US$
Example: Wusli - animated avatar 2 by Sal-Ria
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:bulletgreen:Commission of you rcharacter (character sheet) 3US$
Example:Zephyr - Character sheet by Sal-Ria
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:bulletgreen:Commission of your character (image with shadings and background) 10US$
Example: Death-fight by Sal-Ria
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:bulletgreen:Animated commission with run cycle of your character 5 - 10US$
Example: Animation commission for Angelwolf92 part 2 by Sal-Ria
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Journal skin commission with your character (only the layout, not a CSS) 2US$
Example: Broken Spirit - free Journal skin by Sal-Ria
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:bulletgreen:Commissions for animation scenes like from a movie with your character (something individual) 20 - 50$
Example: Wiesli jumps by Sal-Ria
FREE Classy Status button: Commissions are open by koffeelam
Songs I really love
The Look…
Wildest Dreams…
The Flyer…
Wind him up…
Donīt be late (best part comes at 3:33min)…
Night to remember…
The Simple Minds:
Belfast Child (Hear this, it really is epic!)…
Stand by Love…
Sanctify yourself…
Alive and kickinī…
Hide and Seek…
Chemical Reaction…

Happy Easter

Sun Apr 20, 2014, 3:26 AM
Expiration Date:

I wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you have such nice weather today and tomorrow like we do.
I don´t go out, but many people like to make those typical 'easter walking' LOL
I have some work ahead but actually have some bellyache since yesterday and feel a little weak.
But it won´t stop me from working on my PC and sew on my Stan plushy, yes right, I started working on it yesterday evening.
Still waiting for the belly fur, but most part of the body is already finished, only need to sew on his tail part, actually it is the upper side of the tail.
Feet, arms, back and head are finished. Only the belly, underside of tail and the mouth is missing since the bright grey fur didn´t arrive yet.
Today I will mostly make digital art, since I have a commission to do and I will make some pixel icons free to use for you.
I thought about three characters you can pick I shall make.

Okami wolf
Charlie from All dogs go to....
Weasel from Animals of farthing.....
Kiba or any other wolf from Wolf's Rain
Smart Guy or Greasy weasel
random wolf
random fox
random stoat or ermine
random rabbit (because it's easter) LOL

Please vote with using the comment function and the characters with the most votes win.

Journal History

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Besides from DA you find me on some other pages too.





I also was on and on Facebook but I lost the passwords. Nah, it doesnīt matter, I donīt post there anymore anyway.

The Stamp Place

Things I feature:
Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfearStamp - Photoshop by MauserGirlPhotoshop Stamp by Drake1
Be Unique Stamp by GoodiesForYouCSS Designs 2 by SquallxZell-LeonhartfanART stamp by minas-stamps
STAMP: I Still Do... by BechnoKidI Love Animation Stamp by fear-the-brillianceFRIENDS STAMP by emo-city
Taxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202Rogue Taxidermy Stamp by Knuxtiger4Soft mounts taxidermy by Fellmekke
Hunting by scamper696Anti-PETA stamp by SkinnySlim22Coke Stamp by JetProwerTheFox

My favorite animals
I love Stoats by WishmasterAlchemistI love Long-tailed Weasels by WishmasterAlchemistI love American Martens by WishmasterAlchemist
Wolverine Totem Stamp by VampsStockWolf Love Stamp by cloudratGerman Shepherd Stamp by Muttie
Husky Love Stamp by cloudratI love Border Collies by WishmasterAlchemistI love Australian Shepherds by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Rough Collies by WishmasterAlchemistFox lover Stamp by JazzaXhunting fox stamp by dragonflame95
Domesticated Foxes by KrissyfawxI love Velociraptors by WishmasterAlchemistGriffin by black-cat16-stamps
I love Griffins by WishmasterAlchemistMythical Creatures Stamp by foreverwhiteknightI love Snow Leopards by WishmasterAlchemist

My all-time favorite cartoon characters
Wacky Weasel STAMP by LooneyArtistGreasy Stamp by FantasyFreak-FanGirlToon Patrol Memorial Stamp by PsychoAngel51402
Smart Guy Stamp by FantasyFreak-FanGirlFarthing Wood Weasel Stamp by WieselfanWeasel+Measley Stamp by Wieselfan
Buck fan stamp by InkyMonsterToon Patrol Weasels Stamp by conkeronineRikki Tikki Tavi Stamp by Marbletoast
Weasel SmartAss Stamp by conkeroninePsycho Stamp by Gothcookie123Iago fan stamp by vitaminanime
Timon Fan stamp by Konyhyuga-samaHakuna Matata - Stamp by AHMED-ARTShenzi II -Stamp- by Glowhyena
Lion King Hyena Support Stamp by VVraithImpmon Stamp by SakuMccutcheonImpmon Stamp by SpadaStamps
+Impmon Stamp+ by BlackgatomonImpmon by Miss-DicessImpmon Stamp by Thunderbirmon
Stamp Beelzemon fan by idolnyaRunaway Locomon: Beelzemon Stamp by NorixcaBeelzemon Stamp by Norixca
Charlie x Flo Stamp by TsukaimonBOOMLove is Preed by XenoX1The I luv Preed stamp by Sal-Ria
Robin Hood Stamp by FayolkaTigress stamp by Chidori1334Tiger style stamp by PsychoAngel51402
Luna by AdrianaFilipDarkwing Duck Stamp by kaorinyaplzWolverine Stamp by FreezingIceKirby
the jungle book shonen mowgli by katsunakiiAOFW Stamp: Ranger by DetectiveRJAOFW Stamp: Charmer by DetectiveRJ
AOFW Stamp: Bold by DetectiveRJAOFW Stamp: Plucky by DetectiveRJBalto oo1 by HuskeeStamps
Balto Stamp by RaspberrySaladzDisney Oliver + Company Stamp by TwilightProwlerOliver and Company: Dodger by AngelKittah
Rita stamp by divoesponjaDisney The Aristocats Duchess Stamp by TwilightProwlerVitani Stamp by RogueLottie


I do not own any of those stamps!



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Phoenix-Kat 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Flash-Dress up Wheezy Weasel by mikmix  Flash-Dress up Greasy Weasel by mikmix  Flash-Dress up Psycho weasel by mikmix  
Sal-Ria 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I know these already.
Phoenix-Kat 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
The Toon Patrol's here! by knucklessilverlove  
Sal-Ria 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
LOL I donīt know if I shall laugh or cry.
Phoenix-Kat 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I always wanted to do a pic of the Titan A.E. cast using Sonic characters. 
Akima- Amy or Sally Acorn 
Preed-Tails (if I ever did a Lion King/Titan A.E. crossover, Timon would be playing the part of Preed)
Sith-Blaze the Cat
Gune-IDK, Silver? 
Sal-Ria 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Would be interesting to see that image.
(1 Reply)
Hi Sal-Ria, long time no see.

I got news I thought you may want to know, I became friends with 
    Gary K. Wolf on FaceBook.…

For any weasel ideas you wish to share with Gary, it's starting to become more possible. He like fans of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Sal-Ria 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you thatīs indeed is awesome.
I sadly forgot my facebook password :(
However, I will see what I can do to get logged in again.
There should be a forgot password part, that will send the certification to your e-mail. Then you can change your password to what you can remember.
Sal-Ria 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Yes that it was, it happened to me before and now I couldnīt even remember my new password. I am not much on facebook anyway.
(1 Reply)
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